Death, the vixen with waterfall fishnets gave Trickster a wand-job. Anomalyst egg spurted from the ocean floor phoenix. Circus-bandits on dream-fin whales smuggled me out of Phantasmopolis. I misplaced my prism-heart in the mouth of a maelstrom and overdosed on the wine of violent poetry. Stone made flesh made word and my waveform was dropped […]

Travis “FatFinger” Lea is a creative and edgy DJ, producer, promoter and artist who has been creating music and organizing events for nearly twenty years.  Best known for his long stint as a promoter in Los Angeles creating iconic parties like Plump, Nexus New Years, and Beyond Samsara, he has also produced events and performed […]

My show is the OpenFloorMat. Get it? It’s OK, nobody else does either.

DJ Blahblahblah plays mix of punk, post-punk, indie, psych, art rock, and electronic music…but also a little bit of everything, too. A focus on new tracks and local bands…but also music from around the world, going back decades. A musician, writer and singer, DJ Blahblahblah plays keys and sings in local outfit Limbos. He is also an […]

Bearbeats Radio Bio. : “ On KVMRx off the dial and off the hook”. Bearbeats Radio is community radio with a purpose. Hosted by Dj Etch1 AKA Bboy Supreme whose mantra in life is, “No matter what you do in life B. Supreme!”. Our music platform is to be a taste maker, to feature and […]

Favorite Bands: Pogo

Favorite Band: Spice Girls

My specialty is comprised of all forms of dreamy shoegaze, space, and psychedelic music with twee pop elements mixed in. I also incorporate many glue wave and weird punk ingredients when I feel it’s adequate. I have a highly modern and international flavor to all the music I present.   Favorite Band: Cocteau Twins

Favorite Band: Pussy Riot My musical interest spans anywhere from Big band from the 40’s to hip hop, rap, R&B, Indie, progressive electronic, rock & an occasional top 40 tune worthy of my attention. My offering explores the evolution of genre meshing. Taking pride in weeding thru massive amounts of music, plucking out gems regardless […]

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